Best Radio Station in Italy

Best Radio Station in Italy

Italy has got an established media industry. It has several radio stations which broadcast in different languages. Each radio station attracts a different level of listenership. Some of the best radio stations in Italy are found in Rome although other cities also do good broadcasting. Here are some of the best radio stations in Italy.


The radio capital


This is one of the best radio stations. The Elemedia owns it. It broadcast from Rome, but its frequencies are felt behind Rome. Its editorial content is majorly for the commercial like advertisements making it more profitable than most stations. It also gives some classic hits for entertainment.


Radio 105 networks


The Mediaset owns this station. It broadcast from Milan, but its frequency is felt beyond the city. Its editorial content is extensive. It features on commercial contents. It also features rock, pop and hip-hop music hence reaching mostly to the young generation. They talk about whats the meaning of life on multiple occassion. 


Radio Maria


It broadcast from the Erba (CO). As the name suggests, it is a Catholic radio station hence feature mostly on the Catholic content. However, it also features community content but which has to be. Its frequency does not go much beyond the city of the broadcast.


Radio 24


It is owned by II Sole 24 Ore and broadcasts from Milan. Its content is majorly commercial. However, it has interactive programs like talk show and news. It is one of the best stations for news. Its frequency goes beyond Milan hence reaches a broad audience.


Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana


This is a local radio station in Italy which focuses on the Italian hits. It is owned by the Gruppo Radio Italia and broadcast from Cologno Monzese. The station is only relevant for those who understand the Italian language.


While in Italy, you cannot claim that radio frequencies are not reaching you. You only need to know the frequency of a radio station of your choice and tune in. Most of the stations also stream their programs live online.